Sunday, August 29, 2010

a "magic" day

So I just recently had a party where a couple dozen people came over to my new place, to play Magic. It was pretty fun, but you always have to hate that fag who uses nothing but proxies, super obscure cards that he's printed out himself, and pulling off some stuffy doll infinite damage lazer to immediately kill you.

That said, chain reaction is win when you're playing in a free for all with 12 other opponents. Just wipe the board and burn them.


  1. the gathering haven't played that in over a decade.... good memories


    -while you were asleep

  2. I play Magic on xbox, I am a big fan of the green stompy deck.

  3. Goddamn, I hate those faggots. Printed off cards my ass.

  4. Only fags print off cards