Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kill a cold

So hey, I mentioned earlier about posting a recipe for a cold-killing drink.

Here that is.

Get some ginger-lemon tea. Doesn't matter what brand, you could even make your own. It has to be a hot drink that contains ginger (the more the better) and lemon.
Mix some rum and some honey together. I find coconut rum works awesome. 1 shot of rum is fine, and however much honey you want.

Combine that with the tea. Like, if you want to soak the teabag (if you use 'em) in the rum and honey mixture while you boil your water, it infuses shit.

Drink it. Every day. Until your cold is gone.

Ginger is good for colds and shit, it helps push that out. Lemon or other citrus is high in vitamin c, which bolsters your immune system. Honey is a good all around thing, it even has antiseptic properties, plus it's pretty nutritious and gives you energy to fight back. Rum is good for it's antiseptic properties since it's alcohol. Not too strong, since you don't want to run yourself down, but just enough to help clean out some of the crud.

I can get a cold that has other people suffering for weeks, and be done it in 3 days with this.

Brand doesn't matter for any of the ingredients. Just use your favorites.

This does NOT work for stomach things. In fact, it'll likely come back up.


  1. Yo, very good idea I might have to try that when I have a cold.

  2. Will try this when i catch a cold. thanks for the advice m8 :)

  3. Hope this works against a cold, winter is coming soon so I'll definitely try it out! :D

  4. Damn, I'll have to remember this during cold season.

    Thanks for the tip.

  5. I currently have a cold. stuff sucks man.