Sunday, August 29, 2010


So hey. How does BBQ sound? It is a super awesome summer day where I am, I am thinking of grilling a smorgasbord. Like, one Oktoberfest sausage, one mini-steak, one mini-porkchop, one hot-dog, and two sliders (mini-burgers) which would in total work out to a slightly larger than average meal, but not overwhelming, and would have a delicious barbeque variety.

Also, of course, I plan on having a nice cold beer with this.

Sound like a delicious plan? I'm going to fire it up in 5 minutes regardless of any feedback, but this way I can make you folks hungry.


  1. Hey man, BBQ sounds spot on but the weather's a fuckin' bitch here in England. Ha. Enjoy it while it lasts. ;p

  2. I had ribs today. Pretty decent.

  3. i want some grilled chicken please :)

  4. lamb mint sausages man.

    If you havent tried them out, then you're missing on life