Monday, August 30, 2010

I have a feed

Since I have a lot of followers, (although at least half of you are friends from IRL and online, and the other half are friends of those friends) I decided to get a feed so you can follow my feed for updates.

Check it out. You can subscribe to it using your favorite feed thing. Rss feed and whatnot.

Also, what the heck is mesothelioma and why do I get so many emails about the symptoms of mesothelioma or treatment for mesothelioma or information on mesothelioma? If I'm going to get spam emails, I'd like to at least know what the heck it is I'm getting them about.

Mesothelioma? Anyone?


  1. feeds eh? too high tech for me.
    I get the same spam, lame, fun read sometimes though, their English is hilarious sometimes

  2. Mesothelioma is a terrible disease that makes it impossible for the sufferer to use Google.

    Evil, evil stuff.

  3. Feeds confuse the hell out of me

  4. Feeds sure as heck are confusing, but they really are great when you get them to work! Cool blog! I'll be back here for sure!

  5. things with the feeds is nice invention
    improves life!

  6. Sorry but how do feeds work?

  7. Hi buddy, i'm a doctor and im pretty sure mesothelioma is that rainbow coloured crab that can live on the scalps of pregnant women? But i could be wrong. Nice blog though :D

  8. I believe Mesothelioma is a wooden ship created in the 17th century used for mining tetritine. Also, I'm following you.

  9. Thanks for the feed.
    Check out my blog too.