Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Edition GvN

Just in time for Halloween, it's Pennywise versus Chucky!
Who is the most terrifying childhood trauma?
Geeks versus Nerds is a debate-style comedy show recorded live at Joker's Comedy Club in downtown Halifax. We debate the things nobody else has the guts or tenacity to debate. Obscure facts, trash talk, and personal attacks are all welcome and encouraged. Well-known local comedians (such as Brian from the comedy group Picnicface) also frequently participate.

Just in time for Halloween, it's Pennywise versus Chucky! Recorded live on Monday, October 11th, 2010, it is now available for your listening pleasure!

Content warning: This podcast contains trash talk, foul language, and general silliness. Pay attention to the content warning song. Which also contains foul language and general silliness.

You folks might wonder why I'm posting things like this. Well, to be truthful, I am one of the performers in this show, and in the previous one I linked.

I think you'll enjoy it, this was a solidly good show from both teams. Lots of jokes, and an "old guard" (not me) goes into a rant about myspace and cancer at one point. I almost turned in the rebuttal token on my own teammate to say "Rules 1 and 2 bitch!"


  1. we dont celebrate halloween in germany

  2. LIstening now.

    Halloween is going to be one of those nights I don't remember

  3. This podcast, and the previous one I linked (Smurfs vs Fraggles) are both shows in which I was a participant.

    There are THREE people total who were in both shows. I am one of those three. Your challenge is, by listening to those two shows, determine my true identity.

  4. I think I might dress as a pirate xD cool post

  5. i dunn what to go as, might go as myself lol!

  6. That's pretty sweet that you're into comedy, that's a classy profession...sometimes XD