Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Facebook, moar liek FACEbook.. oh wait

So hey. Facebook is pretty much THE big fucking thing on the internet now, right?

I mean, there are GAME companies that make their entire living just off of the games they make for ON facebook, just for the premium items they charge for.

So hey, what do you folks think about that anyways? Kind of an odd business model but it seems to work. Facebook itself is free but the guys that run it are zillionaires. Facebook games are free, but the companies get rich off the premium content.

Personally, I've been avoiding Farmville like the plague, just on the principal. This might sound hypocritical since I play FRONTIERville, but damn it, I'm sticking to my guns. Farmville is THE big one everybody goes on about.


  1. Farmville is okay. gets very mundane quick.

  2. Gaming on facebook? BLASPHEMY!

  3. thats how FB works cheap lil games but when millions buy it...yea

  4. games? what games? they're just directionless, goalless, waste of time.

  5. @Naj
    100% agreed. Facebook is a social network, and I don't think you have to play games on such a network...
    Each to his own.

  6. lifehack guy supports your blog..

  7. They will destroy our culture and work ethic with their mind numbing level games that require to to never leave FB in order to hit next level or get this collection complete, or MY ASPARAGRAS MIGHT DIE! TAHTS 5 WHOLE FV BUCKS!(I actually dont play FV, but you get the point)

    You will never leave the computer, never be creative, never live only to feed the FB Machine.


  8. Don't play them, but everybody sends me spam for them... gets annoying
    supporting daily :-)


  9. Showing my daily support. Fight the power.